Most of my close friends were asking me to start a travel blog. When you travel so often, just the pictures are not enough to share your experiences. Every time I said I will start after my next trip. But I never managed to start writing after all those next trips, till today. I have trained my brain to fall asleep as soon as I am in the moving transportation, at least that’s what I thought until this afternoon. Window seat, blue sky, quiet baby next to me (thank god and baby) but still my eyes are wide open. So I thought lets listen to my friends (for a change 😉 and try to write about my experience this morning.


Last few months have been very hectic at work. Luckily my parents were here for couple of months to baby sit me 🙂 After they returned home, I drowned myself in work like crazy. Don’t ask me why. I don’t know either. But I think I cared a lot about the project and my teammates (only few though). And then my employer asked me to take two weeks’ vacation, a compulsory one.
This vacation has been different than my previous ones. Researching about places I am going to visit and then plan everything in advance is my favourite hobby. However, for this journey, little did I know that situations and my brain were planning for an unplanned journey.

‪Till‬ ‪Wednesday, I had only booked one way flight to Kraków from London. One of my teammates in Kraków offered me to stay at his family place and I happily accepted :). But I had no idea where I was going next after Kraków. I didn’t even know whether my vacation would be of one week or two. And then, my employer informed me that my US visa petition is approved (Yipeee). Now, it was time to decide when to return as visa stamping in US embassy in London would be the next step. Invested 10 mins on Skyscanner, and done… Return flight from Budapest to London after 10 days to have some fun.

Now the next questions, where to go between Kraków and Budapest? Though my teammate in Kraków was nice to offer me a stay at his place, It was my time to be nice and let him know how long I will be staying at his place (little late for being nice there)
So ‪on Thursday ‪evening, while I was waiting for my other teammate to finish some work before I could head home, I started searching for flights from Kraków to Budapest. The one I could afford was via Copenhagen with overnight halt at Copenhagen. I thought, why not spend a couple of days in Copenhagen. But then, on second thought, why go south of Kraków and then fly all the way to Budapest. Why not just find something on the way from Kraków to Budapest, this reminded me of a phrase from a book I had recently finished reading.. “Second thoughts.. Don’t you find they are often the best ones!”

I took a look at the google map, and decided to go to Bratislava. And since Slovakia is in the list of Schengen countries (Hurrayy no need for another visa.. What a relief). Flight from Kraków to Bratislava – 505£ ..Whoaaa. I didn’t want to visit Bratislava that bad. But then thanks rio91, Bus from Kraków to Bratislava –  6 hours – Overnight.. Not bad.. I don’t mind overnight bus.. Anyways I don’t need much space to stretch 🙂 And then I checked the prices.. There was a bigger Whoaaaaaa than the previous one, Kraków to Bratislava 15€.. Yo Baby… Book it Book it. Done.. Now I know I will be spending one night in Bratislava. Very excited to visit Blue church 🙂

I thought why not use bus to go to Budapest. Bratislava to Budapest.. 3 hours bus .. Another reason for a big smile .. 10€ ticket 🙂 – Booked ­– Done.. all by ‪Thursday ‪night.. I knew what my journey would be.. London – Kraków- Bratislava – Budapest – London 🙂
I will skip Friday, nothing too exciting.. When you go for one week vacation, there are always lot of things to do till that ‪Friday‬ ‪6pm‬. Plan what needs to be done or have a list of things to do.. Still Racing against time to finish work.. Saying bye to my favourite people at work…

Let’s jump to ‪Saturday morning. ‪1 pm‬ flight to Kraków from London Stansted. Last minute ironing and then ready to go train station pretty early. However the train company wasn’t so excited about my journey, 40 mins wait for train to airport .. All trains delayed.. My blood pressure going up with every 5 mins. Finally managed to reach airport one hour before boarding begins.

One not so nice thing about Indian passport.. I had to stand in bag drop queue just to get visa check stamped on my boarding pass before I could go for security. ‪11:40 pm‬.. I am second in line. Just one couple before me. I requested the girl if I can go ahead for visa check, no bags to check in, just a 30 secs task. She made a face and said we also have a flight to catch. I was like fine!!!! When they went to the counter, the printer ran out of paper. The airline guy had to call a tech guy to fix it. A lady in adjacent line allowed me to go ahead. 20 secs and visa check done. Big thank you to the nice lady :). When I ran for security, that couple was still at the counter waiting for the printer to be fixed. In my head, I was like You Sucker!!! See what happens when you say no to me.
With time to buy chocolates for my hosts in Kraków and my teammates, now at 37000 feet (I thinks that’s what pilot said) above.. In the sky.. I am very excited about my “unplanned journey” for the next 10 days.

I still don’t have any accommodations in Bratislava or Budapest. Lot of things yet to plan 🙂