If you enjoyed King Bear catching the fish in the air, its the perfect time to take a look more bears. We will follow many Mumma Bears and their cubs. While proud of myself that I caught all King action on the video, I realized it was almost 2:30pm now. Our pilot, Henry, had asked us to be at Lake Brooks around 3:30pm for the flight back to Anchorage.

I started walking back from the upper platform by 2:45pm. I was thinking to myself that this has been so awesome till now. It would be perfect if I get to see Mumma bear and her cubs close-by. While on the trail, I heard a ranger saying the bridge to the lower platform is closed due to the bear activities nearby. As Lake Brooks was in the opposite direction from the walk to lower platform, I was thinking what to do. I wanted to check out the lower platform but at the time I will be walking in the opposite direction to Lake Brooks pick-up point. And then I remembered Henry’s words, “This is your day. So don’t rush. We can wait little longer. First priority is you guys feel satisfied with your visit to the park”. You can guess what I did 🙂 Obviously I started walking towards the lower platform. And it was such a right decision.

After walking up the lower platform, I can clearly see why the bridge was closed. Guess who was there. A Mumma Bear and Her cubs. 😀 DSC_0389

Little away from the platform, I could one more Mumma Bear and her 2 cubs. These were actually the smallest cubs I had seen during my Alaska trip. The family was leisurely strolling on the beach. On such a nice sunny day, who wouldn’t want to have a beach family outing 🙂


Its Play Time 🙂
Mumma… who are all those creatures? Why are they staring at us?
Kids…Lets just ignore them and keep walking

And then they lived happily ever after!!

Now it was time to concentrate on our first family.

This is one of my favorite capture..

The bridge was closed for almost an hour now. Many people were stuck on the lower platform and was late for their return flight from Lake Naknek. Watching this family walking away from the bridge, the hopes of reopening the bridge had kindled. Little they knew about the upcoming climax. Here the entry of our new friend, lets call him, Truffle.

Truffle’s Entry

What happen’s next.

Mumma Bear is assessing the situation… To Attack or Not to Attack


So She decidest to attack. They had Grrrr talks for a minute probably. Check out the results in next picture
Our buddy Truffle is walking away with sad face… Poor Truffle.. I wanted to give him a bear hug 😉

Mumma Bear established that this part of Lake belonged to her. Truffle walked away to the other side of the bridge. End of another story. I was now thinking about walking to Lake Brooks. It would take me almost 40 mins to reach there and already 3:15 pm. But Bears had written something else in my destiny. It was show time for our third bears family. This time 5 cubs and Momma Bear. One cub, I named him Nautanki (means lots of drama). Nautanki was so naughty and playful. I couldn’t get a picture of whole family as two cubs and Momma walked back to bushes whereas our three musketeers walked towards the lower platform. Here’s some of their clicks.

Mumma and two cubs walking back towards the bushes
Robin photobombing what could have been a great shot… Grrrrr
I did get a good one but not the best 😦


Whats Say… lets wrestle for some fun
Here we come… obviously Nautanki leading the way 🙂

After having some fun with Nautanki, other two cubs also walked back towards the momma and bushes. However, Nautanki still was too close to the lower platform for me to walk to Lake Brooks. Hence, I just kept clicking more pictures 🙂





And then finally, he decided to go and join his family in the bushes

It was high time for me to start walking towards Lake Brooks. Only one problem… no one else was walking in that direction, which means I need to walk alone. Remember Bear Safety Tips…Make sound while walking on the trails. Hmmm What do I do now.. I do love talking but not so much to myself. And then my music came to the rescue. With music playing, I started my walk towards Brooks Falls. Half a mile left, I met Henry on the way. He was walking towards the platform to make sure all was fine with me. Such a nice person.

We started our return journey at around 4 and reached Anchorage by 7:30pm. Needless to say, this day in Brown Bear’s Playground was one of the best days in my life. Such a great experience watching Bears in their Natural habitat. If you decide to visit Alaska, I would definitely recommend booking Bear Viewing trip at Brooks Falls. It will be an expensive one but so worth every dollar spent.


Our Plane at Lake Brooks
Few clicks of aerial views while on our way back to Anchorage.





Loved the composition here

In case you are still interested in watching more Bear action, here are couple of videos of cubs playing with each other.



Enjoy 🙂