Budapest was my last stop on a 9 days trip. With lots of lovely moments from Krakow and Bratislava, I was very much excited to visit two cities, Buda and Pest 🙂 Pest is pronounced as Peszt in Hungarian and means flat surface. Buda and pest sides are separated by Danube river. Because of such great natural scene settings, I had decided to go for a photo tour while in Budapest. And I am so much proud of me for the same. Evening spent capturing beauty of Budapest while learning a lot from Miklos Mayer was just perfect cherry on the cake. Hence, I decided to tell the story of last city, Budapest, via these pictures.

We started our tour at Fishermens’ Bastion. Fishermens’ Bastion or Halászbástya (I bet you cant pronounce that in a go), is a classic example of neo-Gothic and neo-Romanesque. As it is located on Castle hill in Buda side, you have an amazing view of Parliament and gorgeous houses.

Danube River, Gorgeous Houses and Elizabeth Bridge
Parliament through Fishermens Bastion’s eyes

I was busy capturing the beauty of parliament in front of me. Miklós said Turn back and it was a perfect selfie opportunity.

Sometimes it is important to turn back and look for opportunities running towards you.

Selfie Time

Next to Fishermens’ Bastion is Matthias Church. As Sun was getting ready to go home, it had done awesome job of lighting Matthias Church in a perfect way.

Matthias Church

We then walked over to Buda Castle to prepare for our next attraction, flicking the switch of lights over Chain bridge and the parliament. Thanks to Thomas Edison and Hungarian Electric company 🙂

Chain Bridge

One advantage of having a local with you, they know great tips about the city, such as the lights on the pillar show green color in the beginning, when they are warming up. It gives such a unique feel to Chain Bridge.

You can see some green on Parliament as well. Look Harder

And then we kept clicking and talking.



Boats and Cars light trails 🙂

Now it was the time concentrate on the Chain Bridge itself. I dont know if they purposefully built a perfect spot to take photos of Clark Ádám tér or it was just a coincidence. For me, I thanked the architect.

Clark Adam Ter Circle and Chain Bridge. You can see dome of St. Stephen’s Basilica as well

Now it was a time to move on to another great spot, Citadella. Unfortunately, Uber is banned in Hungary. So we had to wait for a taxi. Miklós used the time to give me more tips about night time photography.

Citadella seems to be very famous spot for evening visit. As we were getting out of the taxi, we saw 3 tourist coaches pulling over. We increased our speed to beat the crowd and managed to grab a spot with only few people around.

After checking out below images, you will also realise why Citadella is so famous for evening visit.

Buda Castle as seen from Citadella
Parliament, Chain Bridge and lots of boat trails. I was lucky to get a perfect shot in first click

I would probably not dare to go to Citadella and then walk down the Gellert hill by myself. But I did a smart thing by booking the photo tour with Miklós . I just wanted to keep taking pictures of boat trails.

We found another perfect spot to take shots of Liberty Bridge.

Liberty Bridge

We then ended our tour with mind blowing shot of “Golden” Parliament.


Thanks a lot Miklós for such amazing evening in Budapest and lot of great tips about night photography. I am definitely going to visit Budapest to take more and more photos.

With the master.. Miklós Mayer…